14 Men’s Watches You Should Check Out If You Wanna Stay Stylish On A Budget


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1. This black metal timepiece that’s sure to get heads turning.

Price:₹403 (MRP: ₹1,699)

2. This Mi Band 3 that, in addition to its smartwatch capabilities, is just classy to look at on its own.

Price:₹1,998 (MRP: ₹2,199)

3. Or this Honor Band 4, that’s also available for a steal if you’re looking for a smartwatch upgrade.

Price:₹2,399 (MRP: ₹2,999)

4. This multi-functional digital watch that looks way more expensive than it is.

Price:₹499 (MRP: ₹2,199)

5. This metal sports watch that combines the digital with the analog.

Price:₹949 (MRP: ₹3,499)

6. This retro-chic Casio watch that’s a throwback to simpler times.

Price:₹1,046 (MRP: ₹1,395)

7. This rugged army watch that can withstand the roughest of uses.

Price:₹890 (MRP: ₹2,999)

8. This brown Eddy Hager watch that just says “classic”.

Price:₹312 (MRP: ₹2,599)

9. This super-clean and water-resistant Timex watch that’s guaranteed to keep ticking for years.

Price:₹783 (MRP: ₹1,500)

10. This military-style sports chronograph that’s even stronger than it looks.

Price:₹750 (MRP: ₹2,499)

11. This sleek Digilog watch that’s a style statement unto its own.

Price:₹489 (MRP: ₹2,199)

12. This digital and analog combo timepiece that works for any occasion.

Price: ₹899 (MRP: ₹2,199)

13. This digital behemoth that’s sure to get you noticed in any room.

Price:₹569 (MRP: ₹999)

14. And this colourful timepiece that looks way too good for its price.

Price:₹279 (MRP: ₹2,199)

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